Hi, I’m Nils – a creative developer. I use software to enable new experiences, which I’ve been doing as a freelancer for the better part of a decade. I’m also an Industrial Design Engineering student at the TU Delft.


Case studies

Designing and building websites is my passion. I'd like to show you how I was involved in it and how I solved design challenges that came up during the process.

lnspiration Boards

Design, Development

A Pinterest-like tool with a focus on user access control and data retention for use in corporate environments.

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IDE Business Fair


Every year, Study association i.d organises the Industrial Design Business Fair for her students.

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Branding, Deployment, Design, Development, Photography

Prototribe is an industrial design agency that creates parametric models, photorealistic renders and CAD drawings for product owners.

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I occasionally write about design and development related projects that I've worked on, which you'll find here.

NSynth Super (by Google Creative Lab)

Building and developing a display piece for the International Festival of Technology Delft.

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