IDE Business Fair

Every year, Study association i.d organises the Industrial Design Business Fair for her students.



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IDE Business Fair


The colors are easy to customize, so the website can be reused year after year.


Futura Std Heavy


Futura BT Light


The IDE Business Fair, that is an event by (and for) Industrial Design Engineers, obviously delivered their own design for the to be build website, which I refined and improved on.

IDE Business Fair Before

IDE Business Fair Before, as presented by committee

IDE Business Fair After

IDE Business Fair After, final design and build


I really like making well-designed websites, but in for the IDE Business Fair website, most of my time and effort was spent on front-end and WordPress development. Having a CMS at all means it’s easy for the event to be updated each year, but making it work well, while staying relatively flexible was another task altogether.

Events are easy to create, and the fair programme is automatically generated from all listed events. A random selection of attending companies show up on the front page, and all companies are shown on a separate page. It’s features like this that makes it easy and fast to update and reuse the website year over year.

Attendees obviously have to sign-up for upcoming events, that we decided to set up with a soft limit. Potential attendees are notified when an event is full, but are allowed to enroll to be put on a spare list, in case someone has to cancel. The website is set-up with Facebook Pixels (to track sign ups) as well, which makes it easier to target potential sign-ups on a multitude of advertising platforms. To allow each committee (the fair is organized by different people each year) to make the website fit the brand identity of that year, I used the WordPress Theme Customization API to easily change the website’s main colors.

The WordPress theme source files are publicly available on GitHub, so have a look if you’re interested.

Delivery and Deployment

As Floris and I had previously set-up the server for Study association i.d, it was a no-brainer to host the IDE Business Fair website there as well, which is exactly what I did. The server is set-up with Let’s Encrypt, Nginx and php7, which means it’s fast and ready to be used during the coming years.